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My portfolio is publicly available on my Instagram account. All service prices are subject to change, and are a starting point. Prices may increase due to pet condition or behaviour.

Payment is accepted by cash, e-transfer, debit, & credit.

Dogs | Cats

Dogs: grooming and baths $50/hour after initial service fee. (estimate small $70+, no longer taking medium or large)

Dog Nail Trim: $15/dog

Cats: bath $50+, grooming $80+

Cat Nail Trim: $20 basic, $25 with caps (not provided)



2021 pricing is in effect.

I go by an hourly rate of $50/hr for dogs. Each dog grooming service will be charged for the service fee (i.e. $70 base price for small dog grooming up to 1 1/2hr), and then in 15min increments there after by rounding (under 7 goes down, over 8 goes up). I do not take calls (unless emergency regarding children) during appointments so you will not be charged for admin work.

Dog nail trims will remain at $15ea.

Travel fee remains at $10/household visit.

Online booking will resume shortly, and I will be making sure appointments make sense geographically.

**All dog grooming and bath packages include: bath, brush, blow dry, nails, ear cleaning/plucking, and anal gland expression upon request. Please note that we do not do anal gland expression for every dog due to the health concerns put forward by the veterinary college. For more information, see our blog on anal gland expression.

***Fleas are a major problem not only for comfort, but they also spread disease, worms, and are very difficult to eradicate. If you know your pet has fleas, please notify the groomer to allow time for your pet to have a vet prescribed flea treatment, plus one week to take effect.


If fleas are found on your pet during the grooming process, we will notify you to confirm flea bath shampoo is safe for your pet. .

If ticks are found during the grooming process, the tick will be removed with a tick key, and we will alert you to its presence so that you can take the appropriate follow-up measures. If ticks are found, we strongly suggest you have your pet tested for Lyme Disease and other tick borne illnesses.



Nail Trim $20

Nail Trim with Cap Application $25

(Caps must be purchased before appointment as they are not supplied)

Cat Bath & Brush $50-70
Cat Groom (Lion Cut) $80

*A $10 travel fee is applied for traveling over 20km from Simcoe Street/Pike Rd/County Rd 18 and Meloche Road in Amherstburg.