Help Me, Help You!

This great advise was just shared in a grooming group. I meet lots of dogs who don't like grooming, and these easy at home activities can help everyone! "HAVE A YOUNG UNCORPERTIVE PUP? An old dog can learn tricks too! I tell clients 30 times per trick. Trick # 1. Show Dog. Place dog on… Continue reading Help Me, Help You!

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Puppy Grooming Info Sheet

Congratulations on your new puppy! Puppy will require grooming both professionally and maintainence at home from you. Seek out a professional groomer to start grooming training by 8-10 weeks. Professionally, be prepared to pay for a full groom every 4-8 weeks at a price range of $65-100 for a small dog, and $100-150 for a large… Continue reading Puppy Grooming Info Sheet