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Based out of Amherstburg, Ontario and serving Amherstburg, Windsor, Essex, Lasalle, McGregor, Harrow, and Kingsville.

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Hours of Operation:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday
Fridays also have a later option upon request.
kat@katsgrooming.com or
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Clinic Grooming (incl sedated grooms) at
Central Animal Hospital
to book your groom please call:
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Note: We are closed all statutory holidays, and take a week off the third week of February, and the second week of August each year.

dogHave you ever found your pet gets stressed on car rides? How do they like their nails being done? Most animals are homebodies, and in the wild, that would be called territorial. What does this mean for your domesticated canine or feline friend? That if you take them out of their territory they get stressed. Now don’t get me wrong, lots of dogs love to go on car rides with their person, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll happily let you leave when you drop them off.

dog-bath-mistakes-sprayWhen I was grooming in a salon, this meant that a lot of dogs in for their first visit would spend their time whining, or looking for their person. They loved the attention, but you could tell they weren’t completely at ease. Even the most seasoned dogs who were very good for their grooming session, would light up when they saw their person.

Kat’s Grooming specializes in house call grooming services provided in your own home so that your canine or feline friend doesn’t need to come out of their comfort zone. If they are elderly and more fragile, young and not yet fully vaccinated, or have anxiety when they leave the house, my services completely alleviate that concern.

What to Expect

dog-bath-466221473-resized-56a26ab53df78cf77275616bWhen I arrive at your home, I will bring in my gear. This is different depending on what services your pet requires, but may include my grooming kit, grooming table, dryer, vacuum, and shampoo bag. I’ll set up in an area you feel most comfortable with, but request that it be in a quiet part of the house such as a bathroom to easily wash and dry your pet. We will discuss what length and style of haircut you would like for your furry friend, if there are any health concerns, and services will begin.

Once the services are complete, I will take a quick photo of you pet’s completed groom, release the pet for you to look over, and then clean up the area. Once clean, we will conclude business, and rebook for your next appointment.

Kat’s Experience

201409-side cut goddess Kat has been working with animals her whole life, beginning on her family farm. She entered the animal grooming industry May of 2015 when she became a dog bather at PetSmart. Following this, she went on to PetSmart Grooming Academy in February of 2016, was a Grooming Trainee to July 2016, and finished the apprenticeship program as a Stylist-In-Training. In March of 2017 Kat set out on her own to build her own pet grooming business.

Kat’s Additional Education

Kat attended Canadian Professional PetStylist seminar and certification March 17, 2019. At this time Canadian Canine Level 1 – Bather.

Kat attended a BYOD (Bring Your own Dog) seminar at Pets Beautiful School of Styling May 13, 2019.

November 11, 2019 Kat attended the Let’s Groom Competition and Seminar. Kat was successful at completing the Canadian Professional PetStylist Canadian Canine Level 1 – Intermediate Stylist Technician.

July 27, 2020 Kat was awarded Silver in the Windsor Community Votes Pet Grooming category.

February 2021 – Feline Safety Grooming course

March 2021- Special Needs Dogs Handling course

July 2022 Kat was awarded Bronze in the Windsor Community Votes Pet Grooming category.

Kat is the parent of 3 children, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a myriad of fish. Kat moved to Amherstburg from Windsor in 2016, and will be offering small and medium dog grooms, as well as cat grooming. Kat looks forward to meeting you soon!